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We are located in the beautiful High Desert of Southern California.  We are proud members of the JRTCA.  Our commitment is to preserve and protect the working terrier.  We strive to educate prospective owners in the responsibilities, challenges, and rewards of Jack Russell Terrier ownership.  If you are interested in obtaining a Jack Russell, a wonderful place to find information, is on the JRTCA (Jack Russell Terrier Club of America) web site.  Also, please consider Russell Rescue or other rescue/shelter options when considering a JRT.  There are wonderful dogs available that are in need of  loving, forever homes.  In light of this we strongly recommend the Online Jack Russell Profiler for prospective owners before purchasing a JRT.

Our life with Jack Russells began several years ago, one summer we brought home our very first JRT...Windy.  Windy was everything we thought she would be and more.  Her passion for playing ball is truly an obsession and her natural instinct for hunting has been incredible to observe.  She can work her "quarry", tirelessly for hours on end!  Since Windy arrived, we have found that Jack Russells are like potato chips...you can't have just one!

As much fun as JRTs are, these dogs are quite energetic and need to "work" to occupy their busy minds.  I often referred to Windy as a Jack Russell Terror, as she was quite different from the laid back attitude of our Rotties.  We absolutely love her for the "terror" that she is, and wouldn't have her any other way!  We devoted much time to studying the JRT breed while we waited for the day we could bring Windy home.  We suggest that anyone interested in obtaining a JRT, do your homework.  If you know what to expect and take the time to understand the breed, you will love and appreciate this energetic, natural clown for who they are.  Not to mention the fact that they will undoubtedly keep your grounds, rodent, lizard and insect free!  Since they are natural hunters, they will dig to get their "prey".

All of our Russells are our beloved pets, we enjoy go-to-ground, super-earth and racing.  Our involvement with Jack Russells is we are available to you, to answer questions, offer suggestions and to help make your experience a successful one.  We feel so strongly about our commitment, that if at any time you find you are unable to keep your JRT, we request you contact us first, before you seek other placement options. We will assist you in finding an appropriate home, if it's a dog we have produced, we will take them back at any time, this ensures there is never a reason for any dog we have produced to end up in a shelter at any time.

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